Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pink Puppy Paws

Why oh why did I wait so long to try the new Milky Way Puppy Paw mold? The little paws are filled with some Goats Milk melt & pour soap that's been tinted a very light pink. The background is from our new shipment of coloured glycerin melt & pour, I added one little square of goat milk soap to the pink glycerin when I was melting it. It made the pink soap a little less clear, I like it that way sometimes. The little paws were easy to  fill and the soap was already starting to harden in the mold by the time I'd done them all. I did a little cleanup with a toothpick and then gave them a good spray with rubbing alcohol before adding the pink soap. I was really glad that I had the pink soap already melted and fragranced. This soap is scented with Strawberry fragrance. Thanks for looking!

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