Saturday, June 29, 2013

Red & White Soap

Since its Canada Day in two days, I tried my hand at a red and white soap in a  loaf style with candles. I used a 6 inch drawer organizer which holds about 1 pound of soap. I rolled some thin soap to make the candles- I know they're no prize:) and used hemp twine for the wicks.
The top layer of soap was an afterthought, I was wishing I had made the candles white and then decided to add a thin layer of white soap so the candles would show up better. I've sprinkled some red cosmetic glitter on the top. If you use glitter on or in your soap make sure its cosmetic grade, I bought mine at a make up counter so I know its skin safe. You can see below that the candles are too close in colour to what was going to be  the top layer.
If you look at the cut pieces below  it looks like I used pretty much equal amounts of both colours but there's also some clear in there too. So 1/2 lb of white goats milk melt & pour and1/4 lb each of clear soap and some precoloured red soap is what I used. I melted some white and red soap in separate containers and poured the white first and then the red, letting the red sink to the bottom and the white rise to the top. Then once the white soap had a nice thick skin on it, I sprayed some rubbing alcohol on to it and poured a layer of clear soap and gently placed some red soap curls into the clear soap. Then I added the candles, I had to hold them all in place with pens and pencils. Once the clear soap had hardened enough to hold the candles in place, I sprayed that with the alcohol and did the last layer of white soap. I  added a little fragrance to each layer, sometimes its hard to remember to do.
Thanks for looking and have a happy Canada Day!

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