Sunday, May 19, 2013

Milky Way Soap Recipe (Blueberry)

Included in my recent order from Milky Way Molds was a soap recipe that  Catherine Failor (the owner of Milky Way) recommends for easy release. I gave it a try and 26 hours later took the soap out of the mold with no problems, and no putting it in the freezer. This recipe was really different for me and I got a little scared when I saw how thick it was in the pot. Here a couple of pictures, I'll put the recipe below and on the recipe page of the blog.

I used the new Blueberry fragrance and was happy to say it behaved in cold process soap really well. The thickening all happened before I added the fragrance. For this batch I used 4 teaspoons of fragrance at trace and stirred it in really well by hand.

Below you can see how thick it was in the pot, yikes! Once I put it in to the mold I tapped the mold on the counter to get the soap in to the little ridges of the mold and also to level it.
22 oz palm oil or tallow
3 oz coconut oil
2 oz olive or canola oil
4 oz sodium hydroxide
8.5 oz distilled water
Heat oils to 115-120 degrees F then add 115-120 degree lye solution. Stir until the soap traces.
If the temperature drops below 115 degrees, reheat. This recipe makes 2.5 pounds of soap.
You can see my colourant in the background of the soap in the pot. I used about 1/4 tsp of  powdered blue ultramarine mixed with a little water. I added the colour at trace and then stirred in the 4tsp of Blueberry fragrance. This soap smells really good!

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