Thursday, February 28, 2013

Strawberry Soap a la Youtube

There is a You Tube video here that I watched last year for making melt and pour strawberry soaps.After finding this star ice cube tray in my cupboard, I bought it years ago at Ikea, I reliazed I had pretty much everything I needed to try this- everything being a heart shaped mold and a small star shaped mold.If you watch the vid you'll see my molds aren't the exact ones they use, but the soaps still turned out pretty cute. I hope you'll try them or one of the other hundreds of videos that are on You Tube for Melt & Pour soap.

The first two photos here show how I made the stems for the strawberries. Make some green stars and let them harden in the mold. Remove them from the mold and cut off one point making a V into the centre of the star.

Now fill a heart mold with some red coloured soap scented with Strawberry. I melted clear melt and pour with a little goats milk melt and pour and added red liquid colourant. I think in the video they used clear glycerin coloured with red. Wait until the red soap thickens up on top. You want to be able to blow on the soap and not have it move. Then spray both the soap in the mold and the stem with rubbing alcohol. I also dipped my stem into a little melted soap, then seat the stem onto the heart. Press in down ever so gently, you don't want to break through the red soap.

 Lastly add the white dots. I  left the soap in the mold for this because it hadn't hardened all the way through yet. The video says to melt some white soap and drop it on the the strawberries with a wooden scewer. I practiced on my plastic tablecloth but my no means mastered this. I found the soap kept clumping on the scewer so I had to keep wiping it off. If you get any dots on the soap you don't like you can pick them off with a toothpick. Make sure you spray the soap with alcohol again before adding the dots.

 All done! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Genius!! I will be looking at all my molds in a fresh way. : )

  2. That's so cute Sari...what a neat idea!