Thursday, April 19, 2012

Melt & Pour with Salt

Melt & Pour soap with Course Sea Salt - from a 2008 newsletter

This recipe fills a 12 inch drawer organizer. We were going for colourful soap but all within the same colour range. You could use contrasting colours if you wish. This is also a good way to use up bits of leftover soap.

• ½ lb clear glycerin soap

• ¾ lb coloured glycerin soap cut into small squares

• ¾ lb coloured glycerin soap in a slightly different colour than your soap chunks.

• ½ cup of coarse sea salt

• Cosmetic Grade Glitter (optional)

• 2 tsp Fragrance (we used White Tea)

Rubbing Alcohol in a fine mist sprayer

Melt the clear soap, add 1 tsp of fragrance and pour into the drawer organizer. Let this thicken up and get a fairly firm skin on top. While this is happening you can melt the coloured glycerin soap (not the cubed soap), adding another tsp of fragrance once its melted. When the clear soap is set up enough, spray it with the rubbing alcohol and toss in the cubed soap. You can poke some of it through the thick skin of the soap if you wish. As we were putting in the cubed soap, we were sprinking it with course sea salt and some of the cosmetic glitter. Spray generously with more rubbing alcohol. Now add ½ of your melted coloured soap. Again, have a little patience and let this sit and get a thick skin, strong enough to hold some more salt. When this has happened, spray again and sprinkle some more salt and glitter on the soap and then finish filling the mold with the rest of the soap. We added a little more salt and glitter into our final pour and then waited to see what we would get once everything had hardened.

Voila! Here is our soap. The first thing we did was cut a piece each for ourselves to try. Smells good, lathers great, nice and creamy – not quite as exfoliating as the fine salt soap, but it looks neat and was super easy to make. Try it yourself!

Edit: The drawer organizer referred to is a Rubbermaid brand 12 inch long organizer. The total weight of the soap is 2lbs which gives about 10 bars of soap.

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