Monday, March 19, 2012

A Crafty Easter Project

I was inspired to make an Easter wreath after seeing Kristen's awesome one here:
She even has instructions, how sweet is that? Alas, I could not find the materials and had to improvise.
Pictured above is a Dollar Store (actual cost was $2.00) wreath and pictured below is the decorated wreath. The flowers are from the Dollar Store as well, ribbon from my sister. The only other thing I used was a glue gun.
Once I find some rolls of mesh I'll make a "real" one.
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  1. Your wreath turned out so pretty! You found some cute items to work with...The mesh is a little hard to find sometimes. Hobby Lobby carries it but they don't always have good colors in stalk. I love the way you improvised! Thanks for sharing at my party! Kristen