Thursday, June 9, 2011

Soaking Incense

Here's 100 sticks of unscented incense soaking in a fragrance/DPG solution. I folded some tin foil up into a tray or boat type thing thats the same length as the incense. Cut the string that holds the incense together (it comes in a bundle) and lay the incense in the tray. Pour the solution over the end of the incense you would typically burn and make sure it gets really wet. Let it soak for a day and remove the sticks to let dry for a week. I usually don't burn mine, its fragrant enough on its own- but you can burn it once its dry. For 100 sticks you need 30ml of fragrance and 60ml of DiPropelyne Glycol. I used 15ml each of Vanilla & Pear. When you take the sticks out, let the excess liquid drip back into the tray. There should be enough to do another 25 sticks.

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