Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Colours

Here's the Milky Way Fleur de Lis Tray in some non traditional colours ( I always picture this in brown or black and white).

Supplies used:

2lbs Goat Milk melt & pour

1/4 tsp each of powdered purple & pink colourant and 2 small containers

spray bottle of rubbing alcohol

2 tsp fragrance - I used Lily of the Valley

2 small measuring cups

1 larger measuring cup or double boiler - I used a double boiler

Cut ten squares from the 2lb slab of goat milk soap for the coloured fleurs.

Cut up the rest of the soap and start melting in the double boiler or larger measuring cup. This will take longer to melt than to soaps you will colour.

Melt 5 sqaures in each of the 2 small measuring cups in the microwave. Use short bursts, around 15 seconds. In your 2 small containers mix the powdered colourant with some of the rubbing alcohol. Spray and swish until you have a pourable colour with no lumps. Colour the 2 measuring cups of soap and fill the fleurs in the mold. Clean up any little mistakes -we all make them, and then spray with rubbing alcohol. Scent the melted non coloured soap and pour in to the mold.


Even though I used a double boiler my soap was a little hotter than I would have liked so I set the mold in a few inches of cold water once it was filled.

The smaller the measuring cup, the easier it will be to control the pour of the coloured soap. If it starts to harden you can remelt it in the microwave, be careful not to overheat.

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