Thursday, February 24, 2011

Using Paper Scraps

OK, I'll admit it. I have piles of paper scraps everywhere. Not big enough for cards but too big to throw away. So I'm not buying any more paper until I use all, I meant most of, or at least half of these scraps up. I've started die cutting a lot of the patterned papers into different shapes and some others I stamped and then cut by hand. You can get lots of nice shapes cutting free hand if you don't have a die cutter or for more consistant shapes you can cut a pattern from card stock. Once you have a pile of hearts, flowers etc you can put them kind of mixy matchy on to some gift tags. You can cut the tags yourself or use the luggage style ones that we sell (10 for $2.50). You can also add some flowers and bling.The ones I used here came from the dollar store. These tags are great for decorating a wrapped gift and eliminate the need for a card.

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